Beat The Summer Heat

Beaufurn is well know for our huge selection of chairs, but did you know that we also carry Umbrellas? Our Saule commercial umbrella is a popular choice when it comes to shade solutions. With a variety of configurations, the Saule Umbrella can cover anything from a couple of tables to your entire dining area. The Umbrella lifts effortlessly thanks to the patented gas spring mechanism, making this the easiest Umbrella to use. Optional rain gutters, heating and lights allow you to customize the Saule to suit your needs.


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HD Sneak Peek

We’ve introduced a lot of new products so far this year and HD Las Vegas will be your chance to see all of them. From new lounge seating to occasional tables we have a little bit of everything. Be sure to stop by our booth #3703, say ‘hi’ and take a look at all of the exciting new products from Beaufurn.

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Let’s Head Outdoors!

Signs of Spring are popping up all over the place, from the sunny-yellow daffodils in front of our offices, to new orders coming in for our fabulous Saule Umbrellas and outdoor chairs Sarah and Angel. Here’s a few great products to help put you in the outdoor patio planning mood!

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Getting A Running Start In The New Year

Beaufurn started out the new year with a two day training and factory tour for some of our Beaufurn Reps. From a tutorial on our finishing process to the unveiling of our new product introductions, everyone learned a lot about what goes into producing Beaufurn products from start to finish.

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‘Tis The Season

groovyheaderThe Holiday season is a time when we all pause and reflect on the year as it is coming to a close. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and everyone who has helped to make 2012 a successful year for Beaufurn.

2012 gave us  a lot to be thankful for, a new facility, new employees and new products:

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Thank you to everyone!

“To envision what will be, you must rem

“To envision what will be, you must remove yourself from the constant concern for what already is.” — Scott Belsky

Finished With The Shows- Now It’s On With The Show!

To say we’ve been busier than a beaver after a good rain would be the understatement of the century.  Although, at times, we’ve felt like our heads were spinning (insert shameless  Linda Blair reference for Halloween-sake), it’s been a good kind of spinning!

We’ve been in Miami for HD Boutique, in Baltimore for Neocon East, and moving our entire facility …ALL in the month of September.

The shows in Florida and Maryland were fantastic and we were able to meet some very inspiring designers and peers at both shows.  During both, we were happy to see the response to our Fusion collection.  If you haven’t been clued in on the Fusion, here’s a little “cliff notes” synopsis:

Fusion Tabletop

Fusion tabletops are so finely detailed; they look like the real thing. Created from high-resolution photos that are fused into the wood surface, these tabletops are a cost effective way of getting the high-end look of reclaimed wood or inlay at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for restaurants, food courts, stadiums and anyplace you want a custom look.

So, thank you for stopping by our space/booth and we look forward to seeing what’s trending in the hospitality world next year.

One other slice of good news we want to share.  We are so pleased to announce we have recieved our patent for our Camille Modular collection!

Our new warehouse in Davie County is coming right along and we feel right at home!  Now that the show’s are over, the show at home goes on.  Here are some pics for your enjoyment.

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